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 LO1253   Codimag   Viva 340 waterless offset   2001   340mm web, unwind with roll lift, web guide, splice table, corona treater, Stork RSI screen unit, 6 col waterless offset, hot foil stamping, 2 col flexo, IST UV drying, embossing, 1 die station, matrix waste rewind, product rewind.    View   Enquire
 LO1241   Nilpeter   MO-4   2014   420mm web, Martin non-stop unwind, standard Nilpeter unwind, electronic web guide, web cleaner, corona treater, combination servo driven offset and flexo, configured 2 flexo, 6 offset, 2 flexo, FP-4 flatbed hotfoil/embossing unit, 2 flexo, IST UV drying, 2 rotary die, matrix waste rewind, standard Nilpeter rewind, Martin non-stop rewind, to include a good selection of tooling.    View   Enquire
 LO1218   Nilpeter   MO3300   2000   330mm web, unwind with splice table, controlled web in-feed, 1st M platform, 6 wet offset, 17", 19", 22" & 24" offset cassettes, 2 additional M platforms with screen and flexo units, over-lamination, rotary die cutting with Gap Master, rotary embossing, flatbed die, non-stop matrix waste removal, single product rewind    View   Enquire
 LO1174   Gidue   Expannd 370   2007   370mm web, Martin Non-stop unwind, standard Gidue unwind, splice table, web guide, Corona treater + web cleaner, servo web in-feed, configuration 2 flexo + 5 offset + hot foil + 2 flexo, cold foil stamping, GEW VCP UV drying with chill drums, rotary die cutting with K & B Gap master, length slitting, matrix waste rewind, standard Gidue rewind, Martin Non-stop rewind, flexo and offset sizes 20", 21", 22" & 24", add on rotary screen unit.    View   Enquire
 LO1131   Nilpeter   MO3300   1996   340mm web, Amal non-stop unwind, web in-feed, 1 flexo, 5 offset, 1 flexo varnish, over lam, 1 rotary die, matrix waste & product rewinds, 22", 23" and 24" tooling.    View   Enquire
 LO1033   RDP Marathon   520   1997   520mm web, unwind with web guide, corona, tension controlled in-feed, 6 wet offset, 1 flexo, UV drying, remote press control, auto register, over lamination, 1 rotary die, matrix waste rewind, non-stop Monomatic rewind, 1/8" gearing, to include 20.5" 23" & 26.75" offset cassettes    View   Enquire
 LO874   Gidue   Xpand 370   2007   390mm max web width, Unwind with web guide, web cleaner, corona, 2 flexo, 4 wet offset, 2 flexo, 2 rotary die + sheeting position with convayor, matrix waste and product rewinds. Offset cassettes 16.5", 20", 23" and 24"    View   Enquire
 LO855   Codimag   Viva 340   2000   5 waterless offset, UV Drying, hot foil, flexo varnish, rotary die cutting + gap master, matrix waste & product rewinds.    View   Enquire

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