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 LO874   Gidue   Xpand 370   2007   390mm max web width, Unwind with web guide, web cleaner, corona, 2 flexo, 4 wet offset, 2 flexo, 2 rotary die + sheeting position with convayor, matrix waste and product rewinds. Offset cassettes 16.5", 20", 23" and 24"    View    Enquire 
 LL820   Codimag   Viva 340   2005   5 L/P UV, 1 flexo varnish, 1 rotary die cut + Gap Master,Matrix & product rewinds.    View    Enquire 
 LF751   Rotatek   Newflex   2000   355mm Web, Unwind 1050mm Diameter, 6 Flexo, full UV drying,2 rotary die cutting units, Slitting, matrix waste & product rewind.    View    Enquire 
 LX675   Arpeco   Tracker Plain label Converter   1993   16" web, unwind with roll lift, web guide, splice table with pnumatic clamps, rotary die cutting section with 3 positions, Matrix waste rewind, rotary shear slitting, length & label counter, missing label & label detection, product rewind.    View    Enquire 
 LL648   Gallus   R250   1989   250mm web,Corona, 6 Letterpress, 1 Flexo Varnish, de-lam/re-lam, Rotary die cutting, Slitting , Matrix waste & Product rewind.    View    Enquire 
 LL476   Nilpeter   B200   1987   205mm web, 5 letterpress units, 1 Flexo,UV & hot air drying,3 rotary die, 1 Flat die, hot foil unit, slitting, matrix waste & product rewind, Optional:1 OPA matic 250 auto Rewind,2 shafts,diam 76mm & 40mm.    View    Enquire 
 LL474   Nilpeter   B280   1991   300mm web,5 Letterpress,1 Flexo, UV & Hot Air drying,3 rotary die stations, 1 Flat bed die,slitting, matrix waste & product rewind.    View    Enquire 
 LL153   Ilma   340   1996   340mm web width, Corona treater,web cleaner, 4 letterpress and 4 flexo or screen units, auto register control, cold foil or overlamination, rotary die cutting, matrix and product rewinds. large selection of tooling and screen pre-press equipment.    View    Enquire 

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