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 LF1266   Gidue   Combat 370   2005   370 web, unwind with servo, BST web guide, Vetaphone corona, servo controlled in-feed, 8 col flexo, GEW UV with chill drums, turn bars with de-lam re-lam, UV over lam/cold foil unwind, 2 rotary die, matrix waste and product rewinds, Print cylinders: 91z, 116z, 128z, 136z, 145z / each 8 pcs, Magnetic cylinders: 91z, 116z, 128z, 136z, 145z,    View    Enquire 
 LL1265   Kopack   250   1995   260mm web, unwind with web guide, splice table, corona treater, 7 colour letterpress + 1 flexo varnish, over lamination, flatbed + 1 rotary die, rotary sheeting unit, matrix waster and product rewinds, large selection of tooling.    View    Enquire 
 LF1264   KDO      1992   350mm web, unwind, Electronic web guide, 4 colour flexo, 1 IR + 3 UV lamps, over lamination, rotary die cutting, sprocket hole punching and cross perforation, length slitting, matrix waste and product rewinds, tooling for 9", 10", 11" and 12" formats.    View    Enquire 
 LO1263   Codimag   Viva 340 offset   2004   340mm web, Unwind with roll lift, splice table, electronic web guide, servo controlled in-feed, 5 waterless offset units, hot foil stamping, flexo varnish, IST UV drying, semi rotary die cutting, length slitting, matrix waste rewind, product rewind    View    Enquire 
 LF1262   Mark Andy   Scout   2007   unwind with 76mm reel shaft, Softal Corona treater, splice table with web clamps, electronic web guide, 2 colour flexo, GEW VCP UV drying, 2 rotary die (no matrix waste rewind), exit pacing, sheeting station, length slitting, video web inspection, product rewind, selection of tooling.    View    Enquire 
 LX1261   Arpeco   Tracker   1994   13" Web width, unwind with electronic web guide, splice table with pneumatic web clamps, strobe inspection lamp, length slitting, missing label detection, total length or label counter, rewind with 54mm, 76mm, 118mm and 123mm reel shafts    View    Enquire 
 LX1260   ABG   Digicon series 2   2011   330mm web, bufferbox for in-line printing and converting, standard unwind, web guide with ultrasonic sensors, splice table, controlled in-feed, rotary hot foil, flexo print unit, UV over lam or cold foil, semi rotary die cutting with K&B gapmaster, matrix waste rewind, length slitting, double rewind    View    Enquire 
 LF1259   Mark Andy   2200   2000   10" web width, unwind with splice table, electronic web guide, controlled in-feed, 6 colour flexo, GEW UV drying, 3 rotary die stations, matrix waste and product rewinds, 2 sets of cyclinders    View    Enquire 
 LF1258   Arsoma   EM280   1997   280mm web, unwind with roll lift, electronic web guide with splice table, Corona treater, web in-feed, 7 col flexo, GEW UV drying, 1 rotary die, matrix waste rewind, pull through position, length slitting, some tooling included.    View    Enquire 
 LL1257   Sanki   SLI250   1994   250mm web, unwind with splice table and web guide, Corona treater, tension controlled infeed, 8 printing positions with 6 letterpress and 2 flexo units, 8 UV lamps, reverse printing, over lamination, 3 rotary die + sheeting position, matrix waste rewind, product rewind, Sheet delivery with batch stacker, 80+ printing cylinders, spare CI drum.    View    Enquire 

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