Labelform Graphics are specialist suppliers of used label printing and packaging machinery.


Using our expert knowledge of the Label Industry, we help our clients to find those rare, hard to find machines which could be located anywhere in the world.


We offer a complete personal service; which often includes Dismantling, loading, shipping, installation and commissioning.


If you are selling a machine we will give you an honest and fair valuation and will promote and advertise the equipment through our website and network of contacts.

Latest Machines For Sale

Sanki SLI300
More Detail
300mm web, KTI non-stop unwind, BST Web guide, web in-feed, 6 colour letterpress around a CI drum, 1 flexo varnish, UV drying, 2 Rotary die stations, length slitting, sheeting position, KTI non-stop rewind, Standard Sanki unwind and rewinds available, good selection of tooling included.
ABG Digicon 1
More Detail
330mm web, Unwind, web guide with splice table, web in-feed with reregister control for preprinted material, full or semi rotary flexo unit with register control, UV over lamination laminating / cold foil, Semi rotary die cutting, matrix waste rewind, length slitting, twin spindle rewind.
Gallus EM340
More Detail
340mm web, splice table with web clamps, electronic web guide, Double sided Teknek web cleaner, Acrotec Corona treater, 9 platforms with 9 flexo units + 2 inter-changeable screen units, IST UV drying with chill rolls, track mounted turn bars with de-lam re-lam, UV over lam/cold foil, hot foil stamping, web cross over system for peel and seal labels, 2 rotary die stations plus sheeter with conveyor delivery, matrix waste rewind, twin spindle rewind. Very good selection of tooling included.